Crested Caracara

Crested Caracara showing well today at the Scott's Corners Golf Course.

Crested Caracara showing well today at the Scott’s Corners Golf Course.

Following a brief visit to the Bashakill where my only new year bird this morning was a BROAD-WINGED HAWK, Arlene Borko and Lance Verderame and I all headed to the Scott’s Corners Golf Course to try to find them the CRESTED CARACARA! They were not disappointed. Congratulations to them both, it was not only a state bird, but a lifer for both of them. It gave me a chance to try for some new photos, which turned out better than Friday’s shots.
Crested Caracara

Crested Caracara

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7 Responses to Crested Caracara

  1. Kent Shirky says:

    Crested Caracara on Coleman Rd, Montgomery around 2:00 PM on Sunday. Perched in a tree for around 20 minutes, giving me the chance for these photos, then flew back in the direction of the Scott’s Corners Golf Course where it had been on Saturday.

  2. charles says:

    I am new to bird watching where I follow through with research. I am considering bird photography (it looks hard). When I look up “Crested Caracara” in National Audobon Field Guide to North American Birds Eastern Region, it shows this predator nowhere near New York State. This amazes me!

  3. Karen c miller says:

    Great pictures, John.

  4. Thanks Karen, I was glad to have a chance for some more shots, and it worked out.

  5. Matt Zeitler says:

    Awesome that Arlene and Lance got this state bird and lifer (as it was for me!). Congrats to both of them.

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