Delaware County


Today Lance Verderame and I birded Delaware County. We had some specific target birds in mind and were hoping to add a number of new year birds (and for me county) to our lists.  We had a great day in spite of the extreme cold with highs only in the teens much of the day.  Our first good stop was at Pamela Peters Home to try for EVENING GROSBEAKS.  I had never seen this bird in the county before and we were quite successful.  We found a total of 29 of them between her home and her good friends home.  We pulled ourselves away (with some home made Blueberry Coffeecake! Thanks Pam!) and headed to the Cannonsville Reservoir.  Here we had an abundance of waterfowl. Besides the usual Canada Geese, Black Ducks and Mallards, we had Common Goldeneye, Ring-necked Duck, Bufflehead, Gadwall and our target bird, CACKLING GOOSE!  This was also a new county bird for me. We covered a number of other areas and eventually worked our way to Downsville.  We tried to see the Golden-crowned Sparrow, but didn’t find it.  It was seen this morning by a number of birders, so it is still around for anyone still interested in trying for it. It was a great day!