Photo Gallery

Orange County Harris' Sparrow 12/17/13

Orange County Harris’ Sparrow 12/17/13

Black Bear at the Summitville Hawk Watch 9/5/09

Lamprey pair spawning at Linear Park 6/1/11

Timber Rattlesnake 4 ft long and bigger around than my arm. Five rattles
Least Bittern – Haven Road Bashakill 5/22/11
Red-headed Woodpecker 5/11/11 at my home in Yankey Lake

Varied Thrush and Blue Jay

Barred Owl

Barred Owl – Forestburg February 2011

Great Cormorant - first county record - Bashakill 10/27/10

Varied Thrush


Northern Saw-whet Owl – Summitville Fire Tower

Greater White-fronted Goose – Haven Road Bashakill 3/10/10

Immature Golden Eagle - Haven Road Bashakill 3/8/10

Tundra Swan at Swan Lake 11/20/09

Female Red-breasted Merganser - Kauneunga Lake

American Coot - Haven Road Bashakill

Brant - Haven Road Bashakill

Sandhill Crane - Bashakill 6/1/10 photo by Jim Carney Great Shearwater seen by me on the pelagic trip in May 2004 off Long Island, New York

2 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Karen C Miller says:

    Hi John. Where did you see that rattlesnake?

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