Orange County Crested Caracara

Crested Caracara

Crested Caracara

This morning, Curt McDermott found an adult CRESTED CARACARA on River Road in Montgomery! This is a fabulous find and I can’t thank Curt enough for calling me so I could shoot right over to try for the bird. Upon my arrival, Curt, Bruce Nott, Ken McDermott and I drove around trying to relocate the bird which had flown off somewhere behind the farm house. I shortly got a call from Curt informing me that the bird had returned. I shot back to find several people viewing the bird. Many people arrived over the next couple of hours. The bird was still present when I left. Though I took many photos of the bird, they are distant and the drizzle and dark skies didn’t help much either. At least the bird is identifiable. Thanks again Curt! The bird is on the Brock Farm on River Road if you would like to try for it!
Crested Caracara found by Curt McDermott on River Road in Montgomery this morning.

Crested Caracara found by Curt McDermott on River Road in Montgomery this morning.

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4 Responses to Orange County Crested Caracara

  1. Deb Kral says:

    Very nice, John! Excellent find by Curt (wish I could have made it in time).

  2. Congrats John! I did not get the bird this afternoon/evening, but fyi, the bird was relocated by another birder, briefly about 1/2 a mile up the road, just before 5:30 pm.

  3. Thanks Matt! Also, thanks for the info! I know a number of people who will be trying for the bird tomorrow. This is indeed good news. Hopefully, the new carcass will attract the bird for some time to come. Hope you can see it tomorrow.

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