An interesting observation



Any of you who have read my blog over the years may have noticed I have some birds that I have a particular interest in. One of those birds has been Spotted Sandpiper. I’m not sure why, but I find them fascinating. I have posted many photos of their behavior in the past and especially their chicks when I am fortunate enough to find them. Today was a bit different. I have seen these birds during their courtship many times, but usually from a distance and they usually depart from their activities once they realize someone is around. Today, I happened to be checking the Neversink River for breeding birds and Spotted Sandpipers breed there every year. It was no surprise when I spotted one flying in to a small gravel bar on the near edge of the river. What happened next was an amazing display of courtship. For whatever reason, even though I was only about thirty feet away in my car, the bird started its mating dance and it went on for several minutes. The birds whistles, toots, calls and dance were just captivating! I hadn’t realized that a second bird was actually on the opposite end of the gravel spit and just sat there observing the show. The second bird never reacted at all and when the first was finally done, it sat a minute and then flew off. The second bird continued to pick along the spit. I’ve attached just a few of the many shots I was able to get of the beautiful birds activities! I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did! IMG_1478IMG_1479IMG_1481IMG_1483


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4 Responses to An interesting observation

  1. Deb Tracy-Kral says:

    Wow, John, what an amazing experience, thank you for sharing. I happen to think Spotted Sandpipers are very cool too!

  2. Loved this post John, I hope to witness this or something similar some day. Your writing and photos really captured the moment, thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks Matt, I really appreciate it, John

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