A couple more good days


Tuesday was pretty productive at the Bashakill again. I had my FOS LINCOLN’S SPARROW at the Horseshoe Parking Area and my FOS YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER on the Stop Sign Trail by the rock cut.  I had been waiting for these two for some time. I still haven’t found a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and there have been no reports yet locally. Otherewise, things were about the same. Migrants have decreased over the last few days, but a few of just about everything can be found if one searches. There was a report of a Kentucky Warbler today on the entrance road to the Pine Boat Launch, but we were unable to relocate the bird. I found an interesting bird at Moosehead Cove yesterday. A male White-winged Scoter! (below) This isn’t a rare bird in May, but it is a rare bird in the Bashakill. This is only my second ever there and only the third ever reported in all my years of birding. Today, I headed back to Sterling Forest to try again for GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER! (above) I wasn’t disappointed! I had at least three and possibly four of these beautiful birds. I’m not sure if one of the birds is a female, or a Brewster’s Warbler. It doesn’t match any photos I’ve found of a Brewster’s and doesn’t match the ones we’ve had here in the county so far this year, but it seems to have a particularly yellow cap. Someone is likely to check out my ebird report and set the record staight. There were also lots of Blue-winged, Hooded, Black and White, Yellow, Chestnut-sided and Prairie Warblers there as well. A pair of Ceruleans was new for me at this spot. Nice birding!


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2 Responses to A couple more good days

  1. Drew Gress says:

    Hi John,
    Just to remind you that I did indeed have a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo at the Bashakill’s Nature Trail on May 15. While I do not take photographs, I had an extended look of 2-3 minutes as it perched near the longest stretch of boardwalk. It did not realize I was there, and so I had plenty of time to see…the lower mandible was absolutely yellow. Just saying…
    while I am not an expert birder, I am advanced, I would say, and have birded throughout the world….so I do know what to look for…and go to those ID spots quickly and examine.
    Just sayin’.
    Thank you again for your blog and updates. You and it/they are a blessing.
    All best,

  2. Drew,
    I hope I didn’t offend you by saying there were no reports yet of Yellow-billed Cuckoo, but I am referring to “official reports” ie Ebird that can be counted. There is no such report on your cuckoo and that is what I meant. If you were to look at the range maps as to where Yellow-billed has been seen, there would be no sightings for Sullivan County. John

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