Day four of great birding on Haven Road and the Orchard at the Bashakill!


I had to do a few chores this morning so I got a bit of a late start. Fortunately, it didn’t matter! When I got out of my car at the corner of Haven Road and the Orchard, birds were flying back and forth across the road.  I headed right down to the parked “Crane” where birds were working the thicket all around the equipment. I had three TENNESSEE WARBLERS (above) almost immediately!  Warbler after warbler passed by and for once I got a pretty decent look at most of them.  Black-throated Green, Hooded, Black-throated Blue, Magnolia, Black and White, Canada and Chestnut-sided Warblers as well as Common Yellowthroat, Northern Parula were seen!  The birds eventually moved farther back into the woods so I moved into the Orchard. It was jumping! Additional species seen here included Pine Warbler and BAY-BREASTED WARBLER! (below)  Several Scarlet Tanagers were flying around as well. I then spotted a BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO (2nd below) that immediately caught a worm and paid little attention as I got a couple of shots of it. The birds eventually moved up hill. As I went back out to the road to follow them up hill, a beautiful FOS PHILADELPHIA VIREO popped up in the apple tree at the entrance to the trail west of Haven Road. I thought I was able to get a couple of shots, but I missed the bird completely. I followed the birds up through the woods adjacent to the road. Here I had many more of the same.  Scott Baldinger joined me soon thereafter and we walked out the Stop Sign Trail. Magnolias, Common Yellowthroats, a Black and White and several Black-throated Green were all seen in that area.  Finally, back to Haven Road we scanned the marsh. A Bald Eagle flew through the back of the marsh putting up a Great Blue Heron. It startled a group of Great Egrets closer to us that flew around for a minute before putting down, there were 9 in all!  Another great morning!



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