Finally some action!

I devoted my day to birding the Bashakill today. This morning I birded my way around the entire kill, hitting all major areas except the Nature Trail. It continued to be rather quiet. The best I had were a Black-billed Cuckoo and six species of warblers. The warblers were in a mixed species flock on the Stop Sign Trail just before you reach the wooded area before Moosehead Cove.  American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat,  Magnolia, Black and White, Pine, and Chestnut-sided Warblers were seen, but just a few.  At Moosehead Cove I had part of a flock of waders that I had been told about earlier. Four each of Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets were still present of the 7 and 8 of each respectively that had been seen. I left for lunch at 12:30, returning at 3:30 to see if anything picked up. I had much of the same, but hadn’t found any warblers for most of the time. At 5:00 pm I decided to go to the DEC parking area on Haven Road one last time. In recent weeks, this has been a hot spot late in the day. I heard birds before I could get out of the car.  A mass flock of mixed species were just arriving at the back of the lot and along the road. I believe there were at least 50 birds in this huge flock, but keeping up with them was no easy feat.  They were moving so quickly, many went unidentified as they crossed the road and moved along the tree line along the marsh to the back of the bay area on the right. This is what I was able to tally.  Black-throated Green 3, Magnolia 6, Pine 5, Chestnut-sided 1, American Redstart 2, Black and White 2,  Common Yellowthroat 2, Red-eyed Vireo 8, Yellow-throated Vireo 1, Blue-headed Vireo 1, Chickadees 4, Tufted Titmice 6, White-breasted Nuthatch 2, Pewee 1, Phoebe 1. Several groups of half a dozen birds just took off from the tree tops without any clue as to what they were. There were several intriguing birds that due to light and vegetation I just couldn’t make out what they were. As I watched these birds right over my head, 15 Common Nighthawks flew over!  This was the first real fun I’ve had birding in a while. Hopefully its just the tip of the iceberg!

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2 Responses to Finally some action!

  1. Nick Hawvermale says:

    I’ve had some luck lately, bashakill Saturday I had a nice mix including Blackburnian, Black-throated Green, Magnolia and Gnatcatcher and then Tuesday I had 1 maybe 2 Nashville warblers in a mix on Plank Road.

  2. Nice, forecast looks good for the next couple of days, lets hope so!

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