Orange County Buff-breasted Sandpipers!

Quick Post: Big thanks to Rob Stone and Linda Scrima for finding and alerting us to a duo of Buff-breasted Sandpipers on Missionlands Road today. I will post more later!


Addendum: I was having little luck in Sullivan County this morning, just about to call it quits when I got a call from Linda Scrima informing me that Rob Stone had found two BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS in the  Black Dirt Region.  I headed right down, finding the birds quite easily, exactly where Linda indicated they would be.  I spoke with both Bruce Nott and Karen Miller and they met me at the spot. Great views of these cooperative  birds.  Tom Burke and Gail Benson eventually came and saw the birds as well. We searched a couple of locations, but the only other birds of note were the ongoing pair of Sandhill Cranes at the Pine Island Turf Nursery.  From there we went to Beaver Pond on Pine Hill Road. There were lots of birds there, including some shorebirds. One in particular we just couldn’t seem to identify, but I think it ultimately turned out to be a Lesser Yellowlegs. Hopefully others that arrived will get a confirmation on the ID. It was a fun afternoon, finally some good birds and fun birding with my other birding friends. Hopefully, more to come!


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