Some news from here and there.

This morning I got word from Gail Benson that the Ross’s Goose she and Tom Burke had found late yesterday was still present.  I headed right to Crotin Point, in Westchester County, to try for the bird. Three quarters of my way there Gail let me know it had flown.  I continued on in hopes that someone would find it somewhere nearby, but that didn’t happen.  A nice consolation prize was a Snow Goose which has been seen in Verplanck.  This bird, like the Ross’s would have been also, was a new county bird for me. If the Ross’s returns, I will try for it again.  Other news around included the first sighting of the GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW in Delaware County in some time.  Lance found the bird this morning at its usual location where it hadn’t been seen in two weeks. Another good bird for Sullivan County, the CANVASBACK continues on the Rondout Reservoir.  From Orange County, Bruce Nott once again located the overwintering LINCOLN’S SPARROW on Onion Avenue in the Black Dirt Region. That’s about it!

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  1. The Ross’s Goose was on my radar today too, but I got word that it had flown pretty early, so I bailed on it. Nice to hear the Golden-crowned Sparrow is still around. Matt

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