An interesting day.


I wanted to start the new week off right, so I headed out this morning with three target species in mind.  Its a rare day when you go everywhere you had planned and have very few birds, but get the three targets!  I went over to the Rondout to see if the drake CANVASBACK was still around.  Waterfowl numbers had dropped significantly and three species were no where to be seen.  That said, the Canvasback was there!  I then headed to Sue Rayano’s to try for the EVENING GROSBEAKS.  I visited several feeders in the county along the way and found NO birds at feeders anywhere.  The same held true at Sue’s.  Fortunately, just down the road and across the street, the wood lots were filled with Evening Grosbeaks!  On to the Beechwoods area of the county.  I was hoping some of the many ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS would continue so they could be added to the new period.  I missed them in several spots where they’ve been regular recently, but found a beautiful Dark-phase bird on Gabel Road!  A very rewarding day indeed!

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