Rusty Blackbirds!


This morning I decided to stick to the valley for birding.  I figured I probably wouldn’t get anything new, but could update some records on birds that have been scarce due to the recent deep freeze.  I had a pretty good morning.  The highlight was easily three male RUSTY BLACKBIRDS I spotted along Rt. 209 across from the D & H Canal Linear Park Museum.  This species winters in the valley every year, but since I hadn’t run into them, and there was such a deep freeze I presumed they didn’t stay over this year.  Fortunately, they did! I had lots of common birds in the valley, including the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD in Phillipsport. I hadn’t seen this bird since before the freeze, but now that the water is open, it is back in the thicket across the road from the old Homowack Hotel.  I ended the morning with a modest 28 species.

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