Great day on Long Island!

IMG_5887 (2)

This morning I called a bunch of my friends to see if they’d like to go to Long Island for the day.  Karen Miller, Scott Baldinger and Bruce Nott joined me for a really fun and successful day of birding the island.  Our main target bird was the recently found PACIFIC LOON in Oyster Bay.  We immediately ran into Tom Burke and Gail Benson who informed us that the bird wasn’t being seen.  They were headed out to try to find it while we checked out the surrounding bay where it had been seen.  In only five minutes, Tom called to tell us they had found the bird on Florence Avenue, so we headed right over.  While the bird was somewhat more distant than it had been at the yacht club, we still had great looks and some photo ops. (Lifer for Karen and Bruce, State bird for Scott and only my second in the state)  Many people showed up and it was quite a scene seeing everyone enjoying the bird. From Oyster Bay, we headed to other destinations on the island.  Avon Pond in Amityville (thanks for the suggestion Tom and Gail!), Camman’s Pond,  Hempstead Sanitation, Point Lookout and Jones Beach West End and Coast Guard Station.  We did really well overall, all of us adding many new year birds. Other highlights of the day included Common and Red-throated Loons, Long-tailed Duck, Greater and Lesser Scaup, Monk Parakeet, Black-crowned Night-herons, Northern Shoveler and much more. We had lots of fun and some birds we don’t get to see every day.  Thanks to Karen, Bruce and Scott for coming along and helping make it a great day!


The gang at Point Lookout!

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