Great Gulls in Newburgh!


This afternoon I got a call from Ken McDermott informing me he was viewing a white-winged Gull at the Newburgh waterfront.  I zoomed down to find Ken and many others viewing the bird, which turned out to be a first winter GLAUCOUS GULL (above), quite close to shore!  This was my Orange County bird #273! I can’t thank Ken enough for getting the word out.  As we watched the abundance of gulls on the river front, Curt had moved down river to the next viewing spot to see if he could get more shots of the Glaucous Gull who had floated down river on an iceberg. Curt almost immediately found a juvenile ICELAND GULL! (below)  We all headed right over and watched this bird for some time, getting lots of photos of it as well.  Along with the Ring-billed, Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls, we wondered if a Lesser Black-backed might not be far behind.  None were found while I was there, but what a great afternoon!


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3 Responses to Great Gulls in Newburgh!

  1. Congrats on #273 John! It was killing me to be at work today – OC Glaucous Gull!!! Really!?! Hopefully I’ll get lucky this weekend. Thanks for posting – great shots of both birds!

  2. Thanks Matt! With the temps continuing to be extremely low,(brief warmup) ice should continue to build in the river. This always attracts gulls, so hopefully this one will stick around. I hope you get it!

  3. Kate Hyden says:

    Hey BB fans! Has anyone signed up for NY Audubon’s Climate Watch? they are looking for only 2 kinds of birds Nuthatches and Bluebirds. I just got a post from Kelly Knutson who has a NYC photographer that would like to go with an SCAS birder to take pics of a count. (That could be a short gig considering they are only looking for a couple of species!) The window for reporting is Jan.15-Feb15 and again May15-June15. You can sign up at: Let me know if you want to do this.. kate hyden SCAS Co-Pres.

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