Common Redpolls


For anyone who reads my posts, you’ll recall I predicted a major irruption of redpolls this winter.  The early arrival of decent numbers in our area foretold a good flight of these birds.  Throughout the month of December, they could be found throughout Sullivan County, well before their usual arrival date of the first of the year.  Then at the end of December, without warning or apparent reason, they disappeared.  Where did they go?  There is an abundance of food for them here in the county and the habitat is perfect.  If you check the ebird map for this species you will see they didn’t go south of us. In fact, Patrick Dechon and my single reports are by far the farthest south so far this year.  Did they return north?  Not likely, they came south for the food and its way to early in the season for migration north. I don’t think we’re ever going to know what the redpolls did this winter, but I feel pretty sure the major irruption I predicted is history. Lets hope enough come into our region so everyone can get them for the year. I know I was really pleased to see this small group of twelve on Muhlig Road this morning! BTW, still lots of Evening Grosbeaks around!

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2 Responses to Common Redpolls

  1. Pat Dechon says:

    Goldfinches and purple finches have been scarce at my feeders compared to back in November too. I wonder where they’ve all gone?

  2. It is definitely an interesting situation. Wish there was a way to find the answers.

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