Bashakill and Wurtsboro


This morning I was pretty tired from all the running I’ve been doing, so I decided to bird locally. In spite of the wind, it was relatively warm and I enjoyed hiking around the trails for the first time recently.  I had quite a few birds, though I missed two targets at Scotty’s feeders (again) I couldn’t find either the Red-winged Blackbird nor the Fox Sparrow.  I had quite a few American Tree Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows as well as Juncos.  I also had my first American Robin of the year at the Deli Fields with 7 Eastern Bluebirds.  Chickadees, Titmice, Winter Wrens and White-breasted Nuthatches were common everywhere.  Waterfowl today was limited to  Mallards, Black Ducks and Canada Geese.  I was a nice morning to be out.  From the Bashakill I went on to Wurtsboro.  I knew some feeding stations might have some new birds I was looking for and it worked out well.  House Finches and Rock Pigeons were among the many other common feeder birds.  I then worked my way around the village, hoping for a Mockingbird.  This species has just vanished over the last year and I  have no idea why.  While doing that I remembered that a friend has had an EASTERN SCREECH-OWL  in their yard for many years now.  I decided to check it out even though the weather seemed to nice to have one sitting out this morning.  I lucked out and it was there!  My best bird of the day.  Unfortunately, this spot is not open for birders to visit.

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