Rarities Update

The Golden-crowned Sparrow in Downsville, New York, Delaware County continues.  This bird has developed a very reliable routine and is easily found in the thicket at the end of Depot Street or at the feeders at the first house on the right of that street. It has now been seen by an abundance of birders!

The Say’s Phoebe in Orange County at the Winding Waters Trail has not been seen for the second day in a row, though there is a great deal of habitat it could still be present in.

The Black Phoebe in New Jersey is still being reliably seen today.

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2 Responses to Rarities Update

  1. Steven Sulzer says:

    I had a nice adult (white) male Northern Harrier working the fields on Tanzman Road between Aden Road and Grants Road at 10 AM today. Beautiful hawk! I don’t know how to get hold of you when I see good birds so I’m posting it here.

  2. That’s amazing Steve, I was there and photographed the bird extensively while it was eating some kind of animal. I will post my photos shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

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