A day to remember!


Bruce Nott, Scott Baldinger and I headed to Delaware County this morning to try for the GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW!   We had the bird almost immediately with many other observers.  It was new state bird for both of them, and a lifer for Bruce.  From that  spot, we went to Airport Road where we located the eagles, three Bald and one GOLDEN EAGLE!  We then headed back to Sullivan County where we found 24 EVENING GROSBEAKS  Woodard Road, and another 12 at Sue Rayano’s.  We decided to head home, stopping at a few places along the way.  I dropped the guys off at their cars and headed home.  Almost immediately I got a text from Tom and Gail that they had found the SAY’S PHOEBE  (above) that had been reported earlier in the day at the Winding Waters Trail at the Wallkill River NWR on Oil City Road in Orange County.  We all zoomed down and found them viewing the bird when we arrived.  This was a lifer for Bruce and Scott and a state bird for all of us!  This bird has been a nemesis for me in New York as I have chased it a number of times and missed.  I was really glad to get it today! What a day!


Part of the crowd of lucky birders who were viewing the Golden-crowned Sparrow.

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10 Responses to A day to remember!

  1. June says:

    Sounds like a great Birthday for you!

  2. Congratulations, John!!!!!

  3. Nick Hawvermale says:

    Friggin birds… Might have to get up early and drive up tomorrow AM before the storm comes saturday..

  4. Good luck, hope you get it!

  5. Kathleen Ashman says:

    Happy birthday, John, and congratulations on a fabulous day of birding!

  6. Thank you Kathy! Great to see you today while getting such a great bird!

  7. scott j baldinger says:

    Indeed John this was a day to remember! A life bird and two state birds: doesn’t get much better than that! Happy Birthday!


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