Weekend update

This morning I had my first opportunity to go for the winter finches since just before Christmas.  At first things seemed very quiet with most feeding stations I visited having no birds at all.  Once I reached Sue Rayano’s, things picked up considerably.  Jeff Ritter was already there when I arrived and informed me that at least half a dozen EVENING GROSBEAKS were present.  We watched for a while and more and more began to show.  We ended with a high of 22 while I was there.  After about twenty minutes, I moved on.  I had only reached the end of Smith Road when Jeff called to inform me that right after I left, six COMMON REDPOLL had flown into the Birch right across from Sue’s driveway.  I headed right back and we enjoyed viewing them for about ten minutes until they flew into Sue’s yard and seemed to disappear into the large Spruce.  The rest of the morning I had quite a few Common Ravens, but that was about it.  At the Rondout Reservoir I had Common Goldeneye, Common and Hooded Mergansers, Bufflehead and Canada Geese.  The waterfowl numbers were down from recent visits.

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