Good Birding, but few changes.

IMG_3833 (2)

The theme of birding this fall seems to be long staying birds.  Many of the birds have been special as they are birds we often see few of, and which take off as fast as they are found.  This weeks ongoing birds include LAPLAND LONGSPURS which have been being seen regularly in our grassland area of Delaware Township, and the ongoing CACKLING GOOSE at the Bashakill (above).  The Longspurs have been frequenting an area of farm land and can usually be found on Gabel, Long or Reum Roads in the Beechwoods area near the resort Villa Roma.  The Cackling Goose can be found most easily from the Pine Boat Launch Tower, the Duck Blind or Haven Road.  Also continuing, though not the same birds, is the influx of PINE SISKINS and EVENING GROSBEAKS in the county.  They seem to keep showing up in a number of areas, (Scott’s, Sue’s and my feeders) but it is a new group of birds each time, the previous birds continuing south.   No matter how you look at it, our period of good birds continues and the forecast is for more to come!

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