The weekend update.


Heavy rains, high winds, waves and white caps were the going theme for a good part of the weekend. Then today, the sun came out the winds diminished and we had a beautiful day.  The ongoing theme here in Sullivan County is the “long staying birds”. The RED-NECKED GREBE is now in its 16th day at Swan Lake, the duo of SURF SCOTERS are now in their 13th day at Yankee Lake and the PECTORAL SANDPIPERS are in their 10th day at Resnick Road. I think all of these are records for individuals of these species!  The only new birds for the fall for me this weekend were 4 LONG-TAILED DUCK on the Neversink Reservoir.  Lance Verderame reports a significant influx of them in Delaware County too! An interesting development today was a report in Neversink of six Evening Grosbeak on Aden Road.  This follows a couple of other (non-ebird) reports in the general area.  I’ve searched many times over the last couple of weeks unsuccessfully. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good influx of winter finches. On the home front, after five days of some nice finches at my feeders, today there were none!  I wasn’t expecting that, and hopefully it isn’t a permanent situation. That’s about all that’s happening!

PS if there is anyone who has ever wanted a Red-necked Grebe on their Sullivan County list, this cooperative bird is not to be missed!

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2 Responses to The weekend update.

  1. kdudge says:

    Very cool! I’m dying to see some evening grosbeaks. Do you know what they eat? I want to set up a feeder around here (Oneonta), as they’ve been seen recently. I’m guessing black oil sunflower seeds? Anyways, hope all is well. Can you believe this early push of golden eagles? Must’ve been some weird prey population collapse up north. Snowies on the move too. Hopefully an interesting winter! Pine grosbeaks … hmmm.


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  2. Yes they do eat Black Oil Sun, their favorite a feeders. I can’t wait, I think we’re going to get lots of good stuff this winter. And yes, the Goldens and even the snowies movement so early is very interesting too! You should easily get Evening Grosbeaks if you put up a feeder! Let me know when you do!

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