Some time with the scoters!


It was a rather quiet day today.  I started on Yankee Lake where I viewed the scoters from a distance, now in their ninth day. I’m hoping they will be here tomorrow to start November off right. I then covered much of the northeastern portion of the county and was disappointed not to find a single finch of any kind anywhere.  Evening Grosbeak are being reported across the state, but none for us here. The only birds of note in the entire trip was a single Pectoral Sandpiper at SCCC, and my FOS American Tree Sparrows in Fir Brook.  Back to Yankee Lake. I had lunch and then decided to check on the scoters again. For the first time since the first day, they were in front of our shore.  I spent a lot of time watching them, enjoying their behavior and photographing them.  They dove frequently and chased each other around a bit. At one point I’m sure I saw one eat a fresh water mussel, a good food source here in the lake. They were of course now back lit by the afternoon sun, but I got some shots anyway. They were really fun to watch, and though they paid attention to my presence, they never seemed wary at all.



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