Some more good birding this afternoon!


I returned to the Bashakill this afternoon still hoping to find one of my target birds.  I birded Haven Road looking for some more sparrows.  I was seeing quite a few Song and Swamp Sparrows and lots of Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers. The Marsh Wren was singing and some Great Blue Herons were around.  Karen Miller arrived about an hour later and we were walking along Haven when I mentioned the wren singing. She hadn’t seen it today so we went down to have a look.  We immediately found it.  As we were looking at the bird, Karen spotted a rail type bird.  We watched as it moved between the reeds and when we got a good enough look it turned out to be a SORA!  This bird is always tough to see at the Bashakill and is heard more often than seen.  We had some pretty decent looks, but getting photos was tough.  We did manage to get a few identifiable ones though.   We put the word out and Scott Baldinger was able to come see the bird as well.  You never know what’s waiting around the next corner!


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