Yesterday was perfect for Sullivan County Goose Migration.

I can’t help but put a note in on the migration conditions that occurred in Sullivan County yesterday.  Only once in a great while are conditions actually perfect for viewing geese on migration in the county.  When there is dense cloud cover over most of the state, for some reason the valley between ridges of the Shawangunk Mountains remains well under the clouds.  This turns the valley into the perfect funnel for migrating geese.  I first noticed this event back in 2012 when nearly a week of these conditions funneled hundreds if not thousands of Snow Geese and Brant right through our valley.  Yesterday, Canada Geese were the main movers and they continued throughout the morning. I probably had nearly a thousand birds come directly down the valley in the three hours I was out.  Among them was a small goose that I suspect may have been a Cackling Goose, but I couldn’t see it quite well enough to confirm the ID.  The second bird was the Greater White-fronted Goose that I had great looks at. The thing is, these birds go over regularly, and we do see them, but they are so high as to only ID them as Canada, Brant or Snow Goose flocks.  When this cloud cover occurs in conjunction with a major migration move, it gives us our best chance to find special geese. Had it not been for the extensive gun fire at the Bashakill yesterday, I’m sure some of these low flying birds would have put down in the marsh. Hopefully these conditions can be repeated and we’ll get another chance for something good this fall.

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  1. There was some movement yesterday in Orange County too, not to as large of an extent, but enough to at least be hopeful of something good or interesting. Unfortunately I only came up with Canada Geese. Thanks for posting.

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