Some movement on a drizzly day

This morning I birded some of the safer areas of the Bashakill. Duck season opened this morning and of course small game and pheasant have been open for a week, so it was a busy place.  The Orchard was hopping this morning.  Blackpoll, Magnolia, Nashville and Black-throated Green Warblers, Blue-headed Vireos and the usual mix of chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and titmice were all present.  Of course a number of birds went unidentified due to the fog and the rapid movement of the flock.  From Haven Road, many Canada Geese, Wood Ducks and 18 Green-winged Teal could be seen flying about, flushed by gunfire.   The Deli Fields were hopping too. Yellow-rumped, Blackpoll and Palm Warblers and Common Yellowthroat were all seen.  Chipping, Song and White-throated Sparrows and again a single Savannah and Lincoln’s Sparrow were seen.  Cedar Waxwings, Eastern Bluebirds and Phoebes and Northern Flickers were all common.  Two Yellow-bellied Sapsucker were feeding in the Virginia Creeper.  From there I went to McDonald Road, hoping for some of the sparrows we’ve yet to encounter this fall.  No luck there, but Purple Finches, Robins, Catbirds and the common sparrows were all abundant.  I also had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker here too. The highlight of the day happened when I was counting yet another flock of Canada Geese going over.  They were all flying low today because of the low cloud cover.  Even though it was hazy, they were easy to count.  I put my bins on the front of the flock and just let them pass by the view.  All of a sudden, I came on an adult GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE!  I stayed with it for several seconds, enjoying the view.  I realized I better try for a photo, but it was too late.  The bird had passed over and even though I got lots of shots of dark back lit geese, I couldn’t find the bird (or at least ID it) in the photos.  There were a lot of geese and I know it was in there somewhere. This is my first record in the county in the fall of the year. Nice to have some good activity this morning!

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2 Responses to Some movement on a drizzly day

  1. Bob Hiward says:

    I know what you mean about the hunters. I went to the deli fields on Thursday. I got out of my truck, heard two very close gun blasts!! I got back in my truck and got out of there. On the way out, I noticed a gun in orange in the field. There should be some kind of warning sign out by the road warning everyone of hunters!

    • I guess almost everyone familiar with the Bashakill is aware that as a wildlife management area hunting begins on October 1st. Once it becomes known to you, you don’t forget it. It is a give and take at the Bash. The fact that it was set aside as a hunting area is what has kept it available to all of us year round.

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