Ruddy Turnstone Continues!!

Many of you may remember that back in July of 2013 I discovered the first ever recorded RUDDY TURNSTONE in Sullivan County.  Making the discovery even more significant was the fact that the bird had been banded in 2011 in southern New Jersey as an adult male bird.  This put its date of birth at most likely prior to 2010*, but not absolutely.  At any rate, I check on this bird on a fairly regular basis, often not finding new reports.  The last positive report I had was from a two years ago.  I checked it out a few weeks back with no new updates.  Today, for some reason, I thought to check it again.  A number of observers reported the bird again this spring at Fowler Beach, Delaware.  The bird was last reported on 5/17/18.  This make him a minimum of eight years old!!!  Wouldn’t I just love it if it would drop in and visit us again.  Since a number of people saw this beautiful bird during its one day stay, I thought you might be interested.

*If the bird had been an extremely early hatch in 2010, it is not impossible that it attained full adult plumage by spring of 2011, but not likely.  This means the bird was most likely a 2009 hatch if not earlier.

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