Orange County Whimbrel – great birding streak continues!


This morning I got a call from Matt Zeitler that he had found a WHIMBREL on Skinner Lane in Orange County!  A great find by Matt, this was a first county bird for me (#269). I zoomed down to find the bird sitting quietly and being viewed by Matt, Karen Miller and Kathy Ashman.  I only had the chance to chase this bird once before in Orange County.  I believe it was in 2011 (I’ll check on that) when Ken McDermott found one in the Black Dirt Region as well.  I missed that bird.  Once I left Orange County, I made my rounds.  I was hoping the heavy rain overnight had put down something good in Sullivan as well.  I had the usual five species of common shorebirds, but little else.  Still it was a great day and hopefully, so early in the season, we still have many more great birds to come!  Thanks Matt for finding the bird and getting the word out so quickly!!

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2 Responses to Orange County Whimbrel – great birding streak continues!

  1. Ken McDermott says:

    You have a great memory, John. I remembered seeing the bird fly in when Danny Messina and I were birding the flooded Missionland Road and the bird came in and only stayed 3-5 minutes and flew out. I looked it up and it WAS seven years ago this month! Glad you saw this one John CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks Ken!! Me too! Now for the Spoonbill, its got to be somewhere (I hope) lol

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