Another Great Day in Sullivan County!

IMG_9225I birded many locations today between the heavy downpours and heat and humidity.  Shorebird numbers were down today.  I finally ended my morning at the Bashakill where some friends (non-birders) told me they had just seen big white birds in the marsh. I easily located two GREAT EGRETS  out from the Pine Boat Launch with several Great Blue Herons.  I posted the birds and then moved to Haven Road.  While there, I noticed another white heron fly from the Duck Blind out into the marsh.  Scott Baldinger joined me shortly thereafter and I informed him of the third bird which I hadn’t been able to relocate.  We spent some time, but never found it.  Heavy rain continued in the afternoon, but I decided to head back down to try to find the birds again.  I met Karen Miller there and we began our search under an umbrella.  Soon there after, I spotted the bird in the same general area I had seen it earlier in the day.  As we watched from Haven Road I told Karen the bird didn’t look right and was feeding differently.  I suggested we move to the Duck Blind for a closer look.  Eventually, the bird came into view after disappearing briefly and I was able to see the long thin pale bill with a dark tip.  I knew the bird was actually an immature LITTLE BLUE HERON!!!  I posted the bird and made a few phone calls.  Scott Baldinger and Arlene Borko were able to come to see the bird.  The bird remained in the same general area until 5:45 pm when it suddenly lifted off and headed high and over the Shawangunk Ridge seemingly in the direction of Ulster County. This is only the second Little Blue Heron in the county in my 26 years of birding.  The last was found by Scott Baldinger and Bruce Nott in September of 2016.  Have I mentioned that the last twelve days have been off the charts!! Great Birding!!



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2 Responses to Another Great Day in Sullivan County!

  1. Kathleen Ashman says:

    Seems to be a banner year in Sullivan for rarities! Congratulations on another great find, John!

  2. Thanks Kathy, I hope our thread of good fortune continues!

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