Morningside Park Anhinga returns!!!


This morning I followed my usual routine and kayaked Morningside Lake.  I was already there about 45 minutes when I checked out the dead spruce on the big island.  I hadn’t really given a thought to the Anhinga, since I hadn’t seen it since last Monday.  When I looked over, once again I was amazed to see the Anhinga sitting in its usual spot!  I quickly took some photos which was very difficult due to the intense winds (10-15 mph).  I then quickly posted to “Whats App” and called many people who hadn’t gotten to see it the other day.  The bird remained perched for twenty minutes, then took off, circling the lake at least eight times.  It then gained altitude and soared much higher for the next 15 minutes.  I stayed with the bird, losing it a couple of times due to wind spinning my kayak.  Finally a big gust spun me around and by the time I righted my position, I couldn’t pick the bird out in the blue sky.  Hopefully it will return as many people are going to try for it again.  It has to be somewhere not to far in order to show up here again. I can’t help but wonder if it might roost here at night….?


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2 Responses to Morningside Park Anhinga returns!!!

  1. Joyce Depew says:

    This reminds me of the Crested Caracara which appeared in Orange County a few years ago. If you recall, the bird had a damaged eye. I wonder if there has been some type of injury with the Anhinga or it is waiting for the correct wind direction to head for home.

  2. The bird appears to be in perfect health. It really has no reason to be in a hurry, its just the end of July and weather won’t be a factor for months to come. Hopefully, more people will get to see it before it departs for good!

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