I spent most of the mornig working in the yard and doing chores in Monticello.  I finally got to the Bashakill this afternoon.  I had a good afternoon, spending most of my time at the Deli Fields.  The place was jumping with birds.  Cedar Waxwings, Field Sparrows, Tree Swallows, Song Sparrows, Eastern Bluebirds, Eastern Kingbirds and many more were seen.  I had a goal at this location.  I wanted to find the ORCHARD ORIOLES that are breeding here. I was there over half an hour when I decided it wasn’t happening.  As I went to my car, I was sure I spotted an Orchard Oriole. I turned around and sought out the bird.  While I didn’t find it immediately, I eventually spotted an adult female Orchard Oriole collecting insects to feed young.  She disappeared, and I couldn’t relocate her.  Just then, the first summer male Orchard Oriole flew into the field.  It too was collecting food to feed young.  This bird made several forays into the field.  Finally, after heading into the tree that most certainly holds the nest, it flew to the top, sang once and disappeared. I’m happy to know that these birds were successful in hatching and hopefully raising young.  That was my highlight today, tomorrow may hold something even better!


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