Bashakill Update

I have had no new birds at the Bashakill the last few days.  There are birds of interest to be seen though.  The Orchard Oriole show continues.  Today, an adult male and first summer male continued at the Deli Fields.  The adult was singing continually, but the first summer bird did not sing.  I happened to spot him feeding in the Locust Blossoms and then eventually fly off to the area the nest is in.  The female/females were not seen today and are most certainly on nests. Later in the day, the adult male Orchard Oriole from the pair at the Horseshoe Parking Area was singing there as well.  Two adult Black Vultures were soaring over the Deli Fields with three Turkey Vultures.  The Least Bittern finally showed himself today!  I could hear him calling ceaselessly from across from the Horseshoe Trail.  I was watching as it flew from across the channel to mid marsh in my direction! No time for a photo.  A single Virginia Rail called from along this trail, as did at least half a dozen Common Gallinule.  Cerulean Warblers continue throughout and one singing at the entrance to the Deli Fields was new for me.  A Barred Owl called uphill from that area this morning too. Back on Haven Road, The American Bittern was nice enough to give one “gulp” while I was there. Finally, though it takes some time, you can hear at least one Marsh Wren singing from the tower at Moosehead Cove.

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