Shawangunk Grasslands Henslow’s Sparrow!

IMG_6921 (2)

Birding friend Joe DiCostanzo came up from Manhattan with friends Anne and Joan to spend a couple of days birding in the area.  They birded the Bashakill and this afternoon went to the Shawangunk Grasslands NWR.  I got a call from Joe around 4pm that he had found a singing male HENSLOW’S SPARROW not far from the observation platform.  I zoomed down and Joe took me right to the bird.  It was sitting up in a small green bush just twenty feet or so off the trail. It sang almost continually.  At one point it seemed to get into an altercation with a Grasshopper Sparrow, after which it disappeared for a while.  It soon returned to the bush, resuming its show.  Mary Busky arrived at the same time I did and we both enjoyed the bird.  I posted it to “whats app”.  Susan Ward arrived just before six and was still with the bird when I left at six pm.  Great find on Joe’s part and thanks for getting the word out quickly! The bird can be found on the “red trail” to the right of the observation platform.  Take the trail across the first gully. Once you crest the far side, the bird is just about fifty feet down the trail on the right.




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2 Responses to Shawangunk Grasslands Henslow’s Sparrow!

  1. Please remember to stay on the trail when attempting to observe this bird. Thank you.
    Scott Lenhart, USFWS (Vol.)

  2. Of course Scott, thanks for the reminder!

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