More Bashakill!


This afternoon, in spite of the heat, I returned to the Bashakill with high hopes.  I was pleasantly surprised at how productive an afternoon it was.  I only birded Haven Road, the Orchard and the Stop Sign Trail, but birds were active everywhere. My first nice find was a visual of a Pied-billed Grebe off the bridge on Haven Road.  I’ve been hearing them call recently, but his was the first I’ve seen.  I then walked the Stop Sign Trail where I heard two Virginia Rails!  As I headed back, the AMERICAN BITTERN began to call.  I had been concerned about these birds because I’m there a lot, and I hadn’t had one in two weeks. I was really happy to hear it this afternoon.  I birded the Orchard and then went to the new Duck Blind Trail.  Things were active, but about the same.  I headed back to my car which was parked near the Orchard.  As I reached it, I heard a welcome song churry churry churry!  My FOS MOURNING WARBLER!  It was just about twenty feet from me in the dense roses.  The bird cooperated by singing at least ten times, but no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get sight of the bird.  I finally decided to head home, happy with what I had found!

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2 Responses to More Bashakill!

  1. Patrick Dechon says:

    I struck out on the mourning warbler, but thanks again for the extra info. Great bird!

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