The Bashakill and Linear Park


Gordon and Lori Lam came up for the day to do some birding with our local group of friends.  We birded the above areas.  Migration has slowed to a stop here, but there were still some good birds to be found.  Before I arrived, Scott and Gordon and Lori had an adult male MOURNING WARBLER.  I’ve been looking for one for some time, but it was gone before I arrived.  Though many people had the Least Bitterns again this morning, they didn’t perform for us when we walked the Birch Trail.  Tom and Gail came up as well, and were fortunate enough to have a Least Bittern fly across Haven Road for them!  A while later the whole group, including Matt Goldowitz , Steve Altman and Karen Miller, headed to the Deli Fields where the ORCHARD ORIOLES  were easily found again.  There were actually two first summer males today, as well as the female. It was a nice, but warm morning.  Following a nice lunch at the Wurtsboro Dinner, Gordon, Lori and I went to Linear Park to try for a Black-billed Cuckoo.  Still no luck, but the birds were good.  The highlight for me was finding a hen HOODED MERGANSER with six chicks on the Beaver Pond half way along the trail.  This was my first record of having them breed here.  A good day with good friends!

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