Some good birds and a really bad storm


Yesterday morning, a Tennessee Warbler sings in a tree at the Horseshoe Parking Area.

Yesterday I birded the Bashakill with Karen Miller in the morning. We had some nice birds, including our FOS TENNESSEE WARBLERS!  One at the Nature Trail and one at the Horseshoe Parking Area.  All the usual warblers were seen as well as several migrants for a total of 16 warbler species.  It wasn’t a bad morning at all. That said, a severe storm hit our area late yesterday afternoon.  It was the worst storm I have ever experienced and we are grateful to have survived it without any personal injury.  We had extreme damage throughout our neighborhood.  One of our trees crashed through our neighbors garage roof. Just up the street, another neighbors garage was completely destroyed. The cab of Eddies brothers truck was partially crushed and the windshield blown out.  We lost three 80 foot Oaks in our back yard.  This was probably the luckiest we’ve ever been. One of the trees, 20 feet behind the house came crashing down.  It destroyed our deck, but missed the house by only a couple feet.  We could just barely open the back door.  It fell right along side the house all the way to a huge tree in the front yard without damaging the house at all.  Our back yard looks like a war took place there.  Now, after a full day powered by our generator, it has konked out for reasons we can’t determine.  Hopefully the light of day tomorrow will bring us all closer to the end of this mess.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were less fortunate  in the aftermath of this storm. Can’t wait to get back to birding!!


The three huge Oaks that came down in my back yard yesterday.


The 80 foot Oak lies directly along side my house, missing everything except the deck and the surrounding lattes and rails.

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5 Responses to Some good birds and a really bad storm

  1. Karen C Miller says:

    Wow, John! I didn’t realize you lost that many trees. So glad that you and Eddie are OK.

  2. Kathleen Ashman says:

    So happy to hear that you and Eddie are both okay after the dreadful storm we had, but sorry to hear that you had so many downed trees. At least the storm didn’t keep you from getting some great birds.

  3. Thanks Karen and Kathy, hope we get back to normal here soon!

  4. Les says:

    I read your posts regularly. Sorry to see all the damage from the storm.

  5. Thanks Les, I appreciate it! John

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