Central Park Birding

A Kirtland’s Warbler was found in Central Park on Friday 5/11.  We had just begun our 24 hour “Big Day” in Sullivan when I heard about the bird.  That meant that Sunday would be my first chance to try for it. I waited until I heard that it was still present this morning to head down.  When I arrived, I found perhaps a hundred birders searching for the bird.  They informed me that it had been present for about an hour this morning before disappearing.  Many were now viewing the bird for its third day and seemed confident it was still present and would show itself shortly.  I spent the next several hours searching for the bird which never returned.  That said, the warbler show was spectacular.  There were so many, it was hard to keep track.  I had 16 species highlighted by many Northern Parula, 3 Bay-breasted Warblers, a Wilson’s Warbler, a Hooded Warbler and multiple individuals of all the additional species.  Also present were a Great-crested Flycatcher, 2 Eastern Pewees and a Least Flycatcher.  I had 36 species for the morning, adding 14 new species to my New York, New York list.

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