Big Day update:

Sorry, I was so tired last night once I got all my reports and photos in etc,  I forgot to mention one of the best birds of the day for our team.  As we were waiting at Cooley Bog to see and hear Red-breasted Nuthatch and White-throated Sparrows, a flock of six PINE SISKINS flew in, foraging in the spruce and flying all around.  They were present in the area the remainder of our time there.  This bodes well for potential breeding as these birds should be nesting shortly.

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2 Responses to Big Day update:

  1. Pat Dechon says:

    I was up there early this morning and found two together. They flew from tree to tree without leaving each other so I was wondering if they could be a pair. That would be cool!

  2. Nice! Glad you saw them too!

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