Good birding on a miserable day.

The weather was not great again this morning with temps in the upper thirties and winds at twenty miles per hour.  An almost completely cloudy sky prevented any warmup. That said, there were some good birds around.  I headed up county to check the water following our heavy thunderstorms yesterday evening.  Lance Verderame had reported good results in Delaware County this morning, so I was hoping for the same for Sullivan.  Though we didn’t have a fallout by any means, there were some new things to be found.  I stopped at Apollo Plaza where I found my FOS SOLITARY SANDPIPERS, two. I then went to Kiamesha Lake where I found the FOS RED-NECKED GREBE in the county.  The rest of the lakes and reservoirs had a small influx of Double-crested Cormorants and Common Loons, but that was it.  I then headed to the Bashakill where I was pleased to find another influx of swallows.  This morning all five species were present including my FOS  BANK and CLIFF SWALLOWS.  As I was watching them, I noticed my FOS EASTERN KINGBIRD!  Not a bad morning under the conditions. Below is a distant shot of the two Red-necked Grebe on Kiamesha Lake.


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