Busy day at the Bashakill


The Great Egret takes off, heading to the south end of the kill.

This morning I headed out early as  I had an appointment at 10 am.  I birded the Pine Boat Launch, Haven Road, the Orchard and the Stop Sign Trail in the time I had.  There were some nice birds around.  My first find was my second GREAT EGRET of the year at the Bash.  It didn’t stick around long though.  Next were a trio of LESSER YELLOWLEGS, also seen from Haven Road.  Next was a Black-throated Green Warbler and a Northern Waterthrush, both on the Stop Sign Trail.  Yellow-rumps, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Rusty Blackbirds were all seen as well.  Once my appointment was over, I headed back to Haven Road.  Almost immediately I flushed a shorebird.  It was pale gray overall with dark leading edge of the wings. There was a bold white line down the central wing that made the bird stand out. It was white below with a medium sized black bill.  It was larger than a peep and had a dark rump.  It flew around three times before heading out and the only ID possible was SANDERLING!  This is the first spring record of this species for Sullivan.  Later in the day, when the rain had subsided, I returned again to find my FOS COMMON GALLINULE out from the Pine Boat Launch.  Good Birding!

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