Point Ybel Lighthouse Park once again.


My first ever Orchard Oriole for the state of Florida!

This morning, due to a bit of confusion in our schedule, we birded the lighthouse on Sanibel again.  Though not planned, it was a good choice of spots.  There had been some movement again, and few birds had left, so there were some nice things to see.  Highlights for me included a beautiful male ORCHARD ORIOLE!  Unlike the tanager earlier in the week, I knew this was a new state bird for me and was quite pleased to see it. Besides the oriole, a few warblers were seen to.  I had two YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER, two Prairie Warbler and a WORM-EATING WARBLER, the later a new county bird.  Also new for the county was my FOS PURPLE MARTIN!  New for the trip was a beautiful WHITE-EYED VIREO,  all adding up to make it a great morning.  Eddie actually birded with me the entire morning, enjoying talking with some of the other birders and watching the excitement of what was happening.  Could this be the start of something…..? BTW, all of my visits to Sanibel this week included getting to spend some time with Donald and Lillian Stokes of Field Guide and Television fame.  This was simply a coincidence that we were there at the same time.  Today, I got a chance to chat with Donald for a while, a really nice gentleman, and I really enjoyed our conversation.  I have met the Stokes many times on trips around the country, and its always nice to see them!

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