Migration continues

The Bashakill was the scene of extensive migration once again today.  Karen Miller and I spent the morning combing the area for new arrivals.  As we checked out the waterfowl on the water, the real show was in the sky again.  We had a total of 39 skeins of migrating Canada Geese averaging about 130 birds per skein. (low 67 high 200) This resulted in approximately 5,030 Canada Geese!!  On the water, Ring-necked Duck numbers continued to increase, with a high of 350 – 375 birds present.  Wood Ducks had s slight increase, while most of the other species decreased slightly.   Northern Pintail were at a two week low of about 30 birds.  Good numbers of Red-winged Blackbirds continued to pass through.  While watching the skeins of geese, you could see them passing high overhead.  We also had Rusty Blackbirds again today, a pair at the Main Boat Launch and three males at the Horseshoe Parking lot. There were two Fox Sparrows there as well.  With a forecast of snow this Friday, and birds continuing to move, It is likely that many birds could put down during the storm.  Lets hope it works out that way, I’ll keep you posted!

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