Bashakill continues to entertain!


The numbers of waterfowl at the Bashakill this morning had increased considerably.  All the species were seen again today (no Cackling Goose) and had in some cases doubled in number.  From the Pine Boat Launch Tower, I counted 145 NORTHERN PINTAIL! That is most likely not all present as they were dispersed through the cattails and marsh grasses.  Also present there were 30 American Wigeon and 60 Ring-necked Ducks.  Mallards, Black Ducks and Wood Ducks were all present in good numbers.  Gadwall numbered 4 today.  Also present were 6 Mute Swans.  This is an uncommon species in Sullivan County and they don’t breed here, so this was a high number for us. I had one Common Merganser this morning and probably the same 10 Hooded Mergansers.  I initially couldn’t find the Northern Shovelers, but eventually found them at Moosehead Cove with three GREEN-WINGED TEAL. The next surprise was off the Birch Trail.  I located another 154 Northern Pintail there (see photo above) bringing my morning total to well over 300 with the small groups scattered about.  Another record!  Also there were 18 more American Wigeon.   About 50 Ring-billed Gulls and 10 Bald Eagle rounded out the prominent species.  Great birding!  Below are the Green-winged Teal at Moosehead Cove.


Here are the totals:

Canada Goose – 500

Mute Swans – 6

Wood Duck – 25

Gadwall – 4

American Wigeon – 48

Black Duck – 50

Mallard – 60

Northern Shoveler – 2

Northern Pintail – 300

Green-winged Teal – 3

Ring-necked Duck – 100

Bufflehead – 6

Hooded Merganser – 10

Common Merganser – 1

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