A Great day of geese!


I was out birding just before noon when I heard from Bruce Nott that he had found a flock of GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE on The Wallkill River along Rt. 208 just west of Wallkill in Orange County.  I zoomed right over to join Bruce and Ken McDermott who were already viewing the nine birds present.  Scott Baldinger joined us shortly thereafter. The geese gave great views and decent photo ops.  Once we finished there, we went to Denniston Road in Ulster County to see if the remainder if the GWFG were there.  ( a total of 15 GWFG were seen over the weekend)  There we found about 800 additional Canada Geese, 1 CACKLING GOOSE and 1 SNOW GOOSE.  We never found the additional GWFG, though they still may be in the area.  Many other birders eventually came to see the geese.  Karen Miller first noted in one of her photos that one of the GWFG was banded.  I checked my photos, and one did show a band.  It appears to be silver with the #3 on it, not enough to get banding information for the bird. Perhaps it will be seen and photographed again and more information can be obtained.  Great day with great birding friends. (great to have Bruce back out there too!)



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