Neversink River, Rondout Reservoir


This morning I worked my way up the Neversink Reservoir, and then headed to the Rondout Reservoir.  The temp was 1 degree this morning, and it warmed up to a whopping 5 degrees while I was out.  The Neversink River has lots of ice, but almost never freezes entirely.  This allows for many waterfowl to overwinter along a ten mile stretch from Bridgeville to the reservoir.  Today I had 108 Mallard, 7 Black Duck, 16 Hooded Mergansers and 40 Canada Geese.  No Common Mergansers is very unusual.  From there, I went to the Rondout.  For some reason, this reservoir was almost entirely open.  The waterfowl was concentrated near the powerhouse out to about a quarter mile away.  Here I had 45 Canada Geese, 21 Common Mergansers, 5 Hooded Mergansers, 40 Mallard and 5 Black Duck.  The best birds however were the ongoing female AMERICAN WIGEON, and 7 female COMMON GOLDENEYE! The wigeon has been present for over two months and the Goldeneye were present on my last visit.  From there I went up to check out Hunter Road.  I had just crossed the bridge outside of Claryville when I spotted finches in the road.  I assumed they would be Goldfinches, but as the took off on my approach, I was sure they were PINE SISKINS!  I pulled over and waited, and they returned to the trees along the road.  There were 11 Pine Siskin and 2 American Goldfinch.  These are the first siskins I’ve seen this fall.  Hopefully, more will arrive and we’ll have them for the start of the new year. Below are five of the siskins with two of the goldfinches.


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