Another good day in Sullivan County


This morning I headed out around the county with a list of specific target species in mind.  I never found one of them.   That said, I had a great day of birding and had some nice highlights.  Common Goldeneye, American Pipits, Horned Lark, Brant, Red-throated Loon and Red-necked Grebe were all seen!  Lake Superior had an abundance of waterfowl, with my FOS Common Goldeneye present, 12 in all.   The Sullivan Grasslands area produced 5 Horned Lark and 40 American Pipit as well as 2 American Kestrel!  We have yet to find our first Snow Buntings of the fall.  Leaving the area, I took a road I don’t normally take.  I spotted a large flock of Canada Geese in a field near a large pond, and stopped to ask the farmer if he  would mind if I checked out the geese from the road.  He said yes he would, he’d rather I drove back in the field and check them out much closer, such a nice guy!  He was really pleased when I took him to see a juvenile BRANT that I found among the Canada Geese! He had no idea that it was there or what it was.  A nice moment in birding!  From there I headed to the Neversink  Reservoir.  At first I didn’t spot anything, but then I noticed a grebe pop up.  RED-NECKED GREBE!  My second this week.  As I watched the bird, further away a very pale loon popped up.  My brief look made me think Red-throated, but it dove so quickly I couldn’t be sure. I couldn’t find it for the longest time, and when I found a loon, it was a Common Loon.  Thinking that must have been the bird, I continued scanning the reservoir. Nearly ten minutes later I looked at the Grebe again, and the RED-THROATED LOON  was right near it!  All three birds now not far apart.  I tried getting shots of the loon, but it was under more than it was up and every time I nearly had it, down it went.  I attached and awful shot of the Red-necked Grebe, though distant, he at least stayed up most of the time.  Great day of birding  with 41 species seen.


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