Bashakill continues to entertain!


This morning, after a rather quiet tour of the county that revealed most of the waterfowl had moved on, I went to the Bashakill. One note from up county was the continuing 3 Dunlin at Morningside Park!  I started at the Pine Boat Launch where I found little.  I then went to Haven Road where Canada Geese and 2 Pied-billed Grebe were seen.  There was also a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds, as well as many flyovers.  From there I headed to the Main Boat Launch where I ran into Linda Scrima and Maria Loukeris.  They too were finding it rather quiet.  We birded the Birch Trail together, and things began to pick up.  Maria had already found her life Winter Wren before I arrived, but was amazed to find no less than five more along this trail. Sparrows began to show, Song, Swamp, White-throated and American Tree Sparrow were all seen.  The bird in the highest number among them were Dark-eyed Juncos.  On the kill, we found the on-going flock of American Coot!  The Green-winged Teal with them yesterday, were gone.  A very large flock of Canada Geese began to circle the kill at that point, at least a couple of hundred birds in all.  We headed back to the boat launch, on the way finding a few Golden-crowned Kinglets and a Hairy Woodpecker. Back at the boat launch, we found a juvenile BRANT! The bird was quite confiding and many photos were taken.  Arlene Borko was able to come and see the bird, new for the year for her!  What started out as a very quiet visit, ended up being an enjoyable and productive day!

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2 Responses to Bashakill continues to entertain!

  1. Linda says:

    A rather slow morning certainly picked up. The Brant as we were leaving was a nice final bird for the day!

  2. Yes it was! Nice birding with you both this morning, hope you get back again sometime soon!

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