Interesting Weekend

IMG_9408 (2)

The Marsh Wren on Haven Road this morning was quite secretive.

With the beautiful weather and southwest winds, one expects there wouldn’t be much movement migration wise. I covered the up county areas, including most of the lakes and reservoirs on Saturday afternoon, following the Bashakill Area Associations annual meeting in the morning . To my disappointment, all the birds I had found on Friday were gone. Nothing remained at any of the sites, much less anything new having come in.   I finally returned home late in the afternoon to find an email indicating that Maria Loukeris had found and photographed a SAY’S PHOEBE at Wallkill NWR on Liberty Lane earlier in the day.  Her photo was diagnostic and unquestionable.  I zoomed down to meet Linda Scrima and eventually many others in search of the bird. Unfortunately, like the previous two Say’s Phoebe’s I had chased in New York, the bird was gone.  (I have seen many Say’s Phoebe’s across the country, but never in New York)  Thankfully, Sunday proved to be slightly more productive.  I birded the Bashakill and had a few good birds. It was an enjoyable morning.  Upon arriving at Haven Road, I found an assortment of common Sparrows.  White-throated, Song and Swamp.  As I walked along the road, a small bird flew across the road. By the fluttery flight, I knew it was a MARSH WREN!  This bird can be tough to see at the Bashakill.  We believe that a colony has established here, but the density of the vegetation in the marsh makes them tough to access.  In the fall, they are often easier to see along Haven Road, and that seems to be the case this year. I spent an hour with this bird, trying for a decent shot.  I eventually got an identifiable one at least. From there I went to the Birch Trail.  Ducks have really picked up in this area since the hunting ceased last weekend.  Unfortunately, the ducks were way out in the marsh and were only viewable sporadically. There was an abundance of them, but counts and species were tough to discern.  While on the Birch Trail, I had great looks at my first WINTER WREN  of the season.  Other birds of interest today included a Hermit Thrush. One bird that isn’t exactly a sought after species was a beautiful pheasant.  I believe it to be a Kalij Pheasant.  A well established species in Hawaii, where I have seen it many times. Clearly a released bird for hunting, it was a treat to see none the less. This was definitely a make lemonade out of lemons weekend, but there is always something great to see.

My first ever Kalij Pheasant in Sullivan County ( not countable here, but definitely in Hawaii) but none the less, a delight to see!IMG_9397

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