Orange County Nelson’s Sparrow

I had a good day birding, first at Morningside and then at the Bashakill with Scott Baldinger.  I didn’t know just how good it would get until I got a call from Rob Stone and a text from Linda Scrima informing me that Linda had found a NELSON’S SPARROW just down the trail from the parking lot at Liberty Marsh on Oil City Road in Orange County.  I was there with Rob for about forty minutes when the sparrow finally popped up. It gave great views, but the photo ops for me were poor. All the grasses in the foreground were in focus, but never the bird. That said, at least I got something. What a beautiful sparrow. Though it is only since last November that I have seen the bird, I always forget just how striking it is.  Hopefully the bird will continue for some time and others will get to see it.  Ken and Curt McDermott arrived and had some quick looks at the bird as it flew from spot to spot. Hopefully it will cooperate for better looks. I’ve attached a photo not even worthy of attaching, but it is what it is.  Linda got great shots! Hopefully you get to see hers! Many thanks to Rob and Linda!


The bird is right in the middle, facing me. Darned grass!

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