Warbler fallout at the Bashakill

This morning I first birded Apollo Plaza where I had a Greater Yellowlegs and three Killdeer.  From there I went Morningside Park where the only birds of note were a Semipalmated Sandpiper and two American Pipits.  From there I headed to the Bashakill. At first it seemed rather quiet, but then I reached the Nature Trail.  I had a good fallout of warblers there, exceeding 30 individuals of 9 species.  As usual, some birds went unidentified due to light and speed at which they were moving.  I was joined by Scott Baldinger there.  We followed the birds for a time then went to the parking area to leave.  It would seem that almost everything we had seen and more ended up coming right through the parking lot, giving us great views! Black-throated Green (9), Black-throated Blue (5), Magnolias (4), Northern Parula (2), Tennessee (2), Bay-breasted (2), American Redstart, Palm and Common Yellowthroat were all seen.  Also seen were at least 5 Blue-headed Vireo (conservative) and a couple of Red-eyed Vireos as well as good numbers of both Kinglets. This was my second best day of the fall season!

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