Morningside Park Baird’s Sandpiper!


This morning I had a very narrow window of time to bird.  I have pretty much exhausted what I might expect to get at the Bashakill, so I had to decide my best option.  I hadn’t birded Morningside Park in a couple of days and had no shorebirds on my last visit. I decided to give a shot anyway, and was glad I did.  As I paddled among the islands in my kayak, I came upon two juvenile Semipalmated Plovers.  A couple of Great Blue Herons continued, but I found no Green Herons again.  Everything else was pretty typical. I decided to head out to the farthest island in the back since a while back I found the juvie Black-bellied Plover there. As I approached, I noticed some movement. It was a peep, and appeared small.  As I got closer, it was clearly a bit larger than I thought and obviously a BAIRD’S SANDPIPER!  It has been three years since we’ve had one in the county, though it is usually pretty much annual. I was really pleased to find it!  I have to apologize to those of you on “Whats App”.  My new phones auto correct wins every time.  It should have an over ride button. I was only able to be out an hour, but it was a good hour at that!

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4 Responses to Morningside Park Baird’s Sandpiper!

  1. Kathleen Ashman says:

    You keep finding such great birds, John. Your shot of the Baird’s is beautiful.

  2. Excellent John! And I agree with Kathy, great shot of the bird – congrats!

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